Itaka Project

Initiative Towards Sustainable Kerosene For Aviation

Itaka Project

Initiative Towards Sustainable Kerosene For Aviation.

Project Aim

We focus on cultivating an energy-efficient culture for the next generation to fly higher with the metal wings.


Our efforts go into fueling the airplanes with the perfect balance of sustainability and security to keep the planet alive.


Every step we take is accounted for as the next big innovation, and the path we create in the process is progressing to the greener triumph.


The impetus for us to walk past the impediments has been generating efficient results like the rejuvenating fossil fuels and a smaller carbon footprint.



The formula for sustainable development is refined in our distilleries to supply the airplanes with the perfect spur to a safe flight.

Work Plan

We follow the designs to install the integral pieces to the airplane, equipping it to hit the air by following the safety procedures.


Maintaining a healthy bond with nature to keep the smiles alive is what we aim at with our technological innovations.

ITAKA Final Workshop

The spur to fly into the heights of success is provided with the online workshops we offer. Check out our previous sessions.

What We Do?

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Regular passenger flights to freights are supplied with sustainable aviation fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Aviation Care Services

All joints and wheels are checked and rectified for any flaws to ensure a safe flight. Our deft hands carry you through destinations.

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Our Team

Elizabeth K. Sawyer

Safety isn’t a feature that flows in; we ensure the appropriate addition of equipment to keep the joy intact.

Stanley J. Gardner

The department of flight management and fueling processes are coordinated to take the flight off into the clouds.

Richard S. Schmidt

The efforts to check into every technical detail of the airplane’s structural stability are flagged off with a safe dispatch.

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